Who can be an instructor?

Each organization will determine the qualifications needed to teach their courses. At a minimum, National Stop the Bleed Month recommends the following:

  • Medical Background. Whether you’re a first responder with first aid certification, you’re an EMT or Paramedic, or you’re a physician working in a hospital, a background in medicine will help you effectively deliver the material and answer questions.
  • Specific Training. There have been many changes in the principles of bleeding control over the past decade in large part driven by extensive scientific research and the ongoing conflicts across the globe. Instructors must be up-to-date on the latest knowledge pertaining to bleeding control so as not to spread myths and misinformation.
  • Support. If you’d like to teach Bleeding Control classes, we encourage you to reach out to one of the DHS approved programs for more information. Once you’re ready to teach, find your National Stop the Bleed Month State Coordinator for further resources.

Who is my NSTBM State Coordinator?

State Coordinators are volunteers who have taken up the responsibility of providing mentorship and information to the instructors in their region. The job of an NSTBM State Coordinator is to connect instructors with the resources they need to offer high-quality free Bleeding Control instruction throughout the month of May:

Alabama – Earnest Tillery (Bigob18c5@gmail.com)
Alaska – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)
Arizona – Andrew Merrill (Rotordrew@gmail.com)
Arkansas – Lee Austin (Leeaustin508@gmail.com)
California – Kim George (Kimmgeorge@hotmail.com)
Colorado – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)
Connecticut – Damien Tyler (tyler.damien2012@gmail.com)
Delaware – Kyle Rice (kyle.a.rice@gmail.com)
Florida – Marco Torres (mtorres@barry.edu)
Georgia – Stephanie Gendron (rtac9@gtcnc.org)
Hawaii – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)
Idaho – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)
Illinois – Branden Hoolehan (bhoolehan@gmail.com)
Indiana – David Owsley ( david.owsley@scipiogenevafire.com )
Iowa – Braxton Morrison (braxton.morrison91@gmail.com)
Kansas – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)
Kentucky – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)
Louisiana – Deborah Spann (Deb.spann@gmail.com)
Maine – Carlo Gabriel V. Laserna (cglaserna@gmail.com)
Maryland – Rachael Eileen Cox (raecox09@gmail.com)
Massachusetts – Matthew Cherkerzian (MatthewCherkerzian@gmail.com)
Michigan – Dwight A. Hughes, Jr. (dwighthughes@michiganstopthebleed.org)
Minnesota – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)
Mississippi – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)
Missouri – David Wright (david.wright@wustl.edu)
Montana – Chris Baldwin ( shieldandswordtraining@gmail.com )
Nebraska – Karl Meister (Kmeister400@gmail.com)
Nevada – Jonathan Gonzalez (wheycream11@gmail.com)
New Hampshire – Jason Warn (jasonwarn22@gmail.com)
New Jersey – Rory Tippit (rorytippit@hotmail.com)
New Mexico – Ivan Fronefield (mdgsimulation@gmail.com)
New York – Jamie J Barton (J.barton@wiltonems.org)
North Carolina – Thomas Nagel (Thomas.nagel@atriumhealth.org)
North Dakota – Timothy Swanson (Timothys@divideambulance.org)
Ohio – Grace Katherine Chaney (chaneygk@miamioh.edu)
Oklahoma – Dillon Noland (dillon.noland@gmail.com)
Oregon – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)
Pennsylvania – Stephen Lugovich (S.lugovich@gmail.com)
Rhode Island – Paul Silva (PaulGeorgeSilva@Gmail.com)
South Carolina – Logan Ellis (loganwellis@gmail.com)
South Dakota – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)
Tennessee – Christopher Brown (christopher.brown.3@vumc.org)
Texas – Katherine L. Samuel (kat.samuel@setrac.org)
Utah – William Phillips (Wphillips635@635@gmail.com)
Vermont – William Smith (mvasemt24@gmail.com)
Virginia – Joshua A Beab (Jbean.sdrs@gmail.com)
Washington – Robert Blaine (Posthockey@gmail.com)
West Virginia – Joe Klass (Joseph.L.Klass@wv.gov)
Wisconsin – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)
Wyoming – POSITION OPEN (Apply Now!)

NOTE: Individual participation in National Stop the Bleed Month does not signify endorsement by those individuals’ employers. The individual views, opinions, and statements of the coordinators are theirs alone and do not represent the position of National Stop the Bleed Month or its affiliate and supporters.