What is Bleeding Control?

Stop the Bleed is a program overseen by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The goal of Stop the Bleed is to empower citizens to render life-saving first aid for the most common cause of survivable death from trauma in the United States: uncontrolled bleeding.

DHS sets guidelines for what should be taught in a Stop the Bleed class. There are several DHS-approved bleeding control classes available:

Where can I find a class near me?

You can find local Stop the Bleed classes through the following websites:

You may also find classes being hosted by:

What does a class cost?

During Stop the Bleed Month we encourage instructors to offer their classes for free. Throughout the year, some instructors may choose to charge money depending on the types of materials and simulators provided. Some instructors or organizations will provide students with equipment to take home as part of the course cost.

National Stop the Bleed Month encourages instructors and organizations to volunteer their time during the month of May. We believe the barriers to this training should be as low as possible.