What is BCon?

Bleeding Control or BCon is a class created by the American College of Surgeons and taught around the country by qualified instructors. The class teaches the basics of identifying and treating life-threatening bleeding using tourniquets, wound packing, and pressure dressings. The course is not a full adult first aid course, but it will teach you the basics needed to stop potentially fatal bleeding before emergency responders can arrive.

Instructors teaching BCon are not directly affiliated with BleedingControl.org, the American College of Surgeons, or the National Stop the Bleed Month campaign. While instructors are encouraged to teach the approved curriculum, some may include additional information.

Where can I find a BCon class near me?

Classes are posted on the official www.bleedingcontrol.org website.

  1. Click on “Find a Class” from the menu.
  2. Use the search controls to find a class near you.
  3. Contact the person or organization holding the class.

What does a BCon class cost?

During Stop the Bleed Month we encourage instructors to offer their classes for free. Throughout the year, most classes range from free to $50 depending on the types of materials and simulators provided. Some instructors or organizations will provide students with equipment to take home as part of the course price.

Neither BleedingControl.org, the American College of Surgeons, nor National Stop the Bleed Month charge instructors or organizations any money to access instructional materials, teach classes, or issue certificates. Furthermore, National Stop the Bleed Month encourages instructors and organizations to volunteer their time during the month of May.