National Stop the Bleed Month could not rally the tremendous support it does without the dedicated volunteers who serve as coordinators for each state.

We are currently recruiting coordinators for the 2020 National Stop the Bleed Month. Please read the position description below and fill out the application survey here.

NSTBM State Coordinator Position Description

NSTBM State Coordinators are the critical link between the instructors teaching bleeding control courses and the national-level awareness campaign. Coordinators are volunteers who provide oversight and reporting at the state and territorial level. Updated: August 2019

Recruiting Instructors

  • Find current Stop the Bleed instructors and encourage them to participate
  • Encourage qualified individuals to register as Stop the Bleed instructors

Recruiting Sponsors

  • Contact local organizations regarding hosting classes
  • Contact local organization regarding purchasing supplies

* Local organizations should be encouraged to purchase training versions of approved supplies in lieu of donating money.

Coordinating Advertising

  • Leverage social media to spread awareness
  • Contact media outlets regarding public service announcements
  • Offer official press releases to media outlets

* Local organizations may wish to sponsor paid advertisements (radio, newspaper, TV, etc)


  • Must be able to invest enough time to accomplish all of the above tasks
  • Must be involved in law enforcement, fire, EMS, or public safety agencies
  • Must be eligible to instruct a Stop the Bleed program

Reporting Requirements 

  • Reporting will be weekly, every Monday. Report your state’s status:
  • The number of individual instructors who are:
    1. Interested in participating
    2. Registered as instructors
    3. Scheduled to teach courses
  • The number of organizations who:
    1. Are interested in sponsoring
    2. Are providing facilities or hosting courses
    3. Are providing/purchasing equipment
    4. Are providing advertising support
  • The number of media engagements:
    1. Completed the previous week
    2. Scheduled