What is National Stop the Bleed Month?

National Stop the Bleed Month is a grassroots initiative to raise awareness for the official Stop the Bleed program (www.bleedingcontrol.org). While we work closely with the official program, we are not directly affiliated with BleedingControl.org, the American College of Surgeons, or the U.S. Government. We do not receive funding from any source. The objective of National Stop the Bleed Month is to connect potential Stop the Bleed students with instructors willing to donate their time for free training. Our effort is currently endorsed by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (ACS-COT), Department of Homeland Security, National Associate of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), and EMS.gov.

Who is behind the campaign?

A group of public safety professionals with a passion for medicine and education. The NSTBM Board of Directors has been involved with leveraging social media for free open access medical education (#FOAMed) for years. Just before the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2017, the group was discussing how to bring attention to the BleedingControl.org program. In the wake of that tragic event National Stop the Bleed Day was created. The increased public attention caused by a series of horrific events brought focus on the awareness campaign and out of tragedy we were able to connect over 40,000 bystanders to BCcon instructors.

Taking the lessons learned and feedback from National Stop the Bleed Day 2018, we have expanded the day into a month-long event. We would like to see the number of preventable deaths due to bleeding brought down to zero. With that in mind, our goal is to spread this valuable training far and wide.

State Coordinators

The success of National Stop the Bleed Month would not be possible without the dedicated support of the NSTBM State Coordinators. All thanks are given to the state coordinators and all the instructors.

The NSTBM Board of Directors

Chairman Andrew Fisher
CEO Eric Soderlund
COO John Lacroix
LNO H.R. Montgomery
Public Affairs
Dominic Thompson
Paul Loos
Jacob Fannin
Max Dodge
Brandon Carius